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Do you love outstanding outdoor spaces, lawns, backyards, fire pits, etc.? If so, you’re in the right place. Here, you can take advantage of affordable and lightning-fast services for all your landscaping and hardscaping needs by Bluestone Landscaping Lakeville, MN. From professional retaining walls to installing outstanding paver driveways and sidewalks, along with outdoor kitchens and fire pits, we’ve been doing it all for a decade.

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About BlueStone Landscaping Lakeville, MN.

We’re a family of expert landscapers experienced in our fields. We’ve been adding beauty and scenes of relaxation to your outdoor spaces for more than 10 years. It would be worth mentioning that we’re locals, we know what works best, what is trending, and what our customers are searching for. 

From Landscape design and installation planning to getting out there and transforming your space according to your needs and dreams, you can trust us. Learn More


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Paver patio Landscaping Lakeville MN

Paver Patios and Covers

Let us lay the pavers and build you a jaw-dropping paver patio that will be the pearl of your outdoor space. We also use high-standard gravel base layers for super stability and reliable drainage flow. Whether you love circular designs, irregular shapes, or a Flagstone Patio, we set the standards. In short, we'll build and install a paver patio where you can place your nice furniture and enjoy the perfect vibes in your backyard outdoor area.

Paver Driveway and side walks

Paver Driveways and Sidewalks

Driveways are the charm of Lakeville, and what if you build them with a company that has been doing it for more than a decade? They're going to look superb and solid with our advanced methods that we've used in our tenure. On the other hand, we know you love paver sidewalks in your backyard or outdoor space, and that's what our services are all about.

Retaining Walls

Our famous retaining walls service in Lakeville is worth mentioning here. We install appealing and solid retaining walls to make your property look good and protect it from floods, humidity, and erosion. Whether it's walls, yards, or anything in your backyard, we're here to help you and handle the heavy lifting for you. Get your free quote now and let us take your property's value to the next level.

SOD Installation

Booking for our Sod Installation Services in Lakeville is now open. Don't miss this golden opportunity! We offer the best rates and value you won't find elsewhere. Whether you need a new lawn or to fix your old one, we're here to help. Our premium grass turf or sod installation services offer a lush, vibrant lawn. Our professional team takes care of precision and will make sure solid root contact with the soil for optimal growth. Enjoy a beautiful, weed-free lawn in no time.

Landscape Lighting

It's all about the vibes and the feeling that can't be described in words. Landscape lighting can enhance your evenings and nights, adding charm to your outdoor space. We believe that's what you're going to love. So, would you like to give your outdoor space a dramatic and well-lit look with our outdoor lighting services that will match with your patio? If yes, get in touch right now to receive free estimates and free consultation.

Fireplace and firepits landscaping

Fireplace and Fire pits

Fire pits and fireplaces in Lakeville are booming right now. We have seen a significant increase in the number of inquiries compared to last year. So, don't get left behind and don't miss the train. We've been building super cool, functional, and solid-quality fire pits and fireplaces for more than a decade. We offer stone fire pits and brick fire pits at the most affordable rates in the city and all neighborhoods.

Outdoor Kitchen

Looking for a fantastic outdoor kitchen that comes with all the functions and accessibility you need to make some smoke and bring the vibes alive? That's why you should look into our outdoor kitchen services in Lakeville Minnesota.

Rocks and Mulching

It's something that can be the perfect solution for those who want to have a great outdoor space but don't want to spend a fortune. Our Rocks and Mulching service is loved by a large number of homeowners in the city, and now it's your turn.

Drainage and irrigation service landscaping lakeville mn

Drainage and Irrigation

Have a leak or tired of a poor irrigation system? We know how troublesome it can be, but don't worry, we have the perfect solution. Get your quote now and let our team get to the root of the problem and fix it in no time.

Rock Steps lakeville landscaping mn


Take a look at our rock steps services to add some classic vibes to your outdoor space, or backyard. Our team handles everything from choosing the right material to professional installation, providing top-quality steps crafted from natural boulders. Lightweight and durable material that's going to align with landscape, creating charming pathways and focal points.

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Good Question! The answer is simple, we have been doing it for more than a decade, we have the most competitive rates, and we use high-quality materials from certified companies and contractors.

On the other hand, we have a very simple onboarding process and the working process is even more simple and easy. You’ll get your free quote, our team members will guide you and provide you with a detailed estimate and after checking and clearing everything, we’ll begin the transformation. Contact Now.


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Then we'll discuss your design preferences, and we'll share with you the best options based on our 10 years of amazing experience. That's going to be very good in making a perfect choice.


Okay, that's the part we love doing, and you will too. We'll go out and start working on your dreams and will take care of everything that we're supposed to do. And don't worry, your routine isn't going to get disrupted.


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